Kieran is an internationally award-winning, London-based filmmaker from Palmerston North, New Zealand. He specialises in adventure travel, documentary and branded content. Since moving to the UK in 2011 he spent 5yrs honing his craft for storytelling before going freelance as a now experienced and multi-skilled director, camera op, editor and CAA qualified commercial drone operator.

As a die hard traveller at heart, Kieran is widely known for his unrivalled energy and universal ability to connect with people. This gives his films the signature of authentic human connection within stories of substance.  From ice fishing in the Arctic to hiking volcanoes in Vanuatu he is a true explorer/filmmaker who can not only adapt to, but thrive in any environment.


"Kieran has been a huge part of helping us create award-winning video programs. His technical skill and dedication are second to none, and his energy and relentless enthusiasm are infectious. His good vibes not only make him a pleasure to have on location, but serve to lift the energy of everyone on a project - such a rare, but essential skill when working with people all over the world."  

Jim Piercy, Creative Director - Wall Street Journal

“Kez is hands-down one of the most incredible filmmakers I have the pleasure of working with. He is a regular reminder that filmmaking is not merely a job but a true way of life. One to be proud of and that celebrates the fact that people always make the place. His work ethic and creative instincts endlessly elevate production value and capture unique aspects of life in authentic ways.” 

Matthew Farman, Director - Seeing Shapes Films