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National Geographic x Star Alliance – Connecting Cultures

Ringside for Muay Thai in the backstreets of Bangkok. Sledding and ice fishing in northernmost Canada. The Gathering of Nations festival in New Mexico. Traversing rooftops in Stockholm and finally, bareback horse racing across Georgia’s mountain ranges in the highest settlement in Europe. Five countries. Five cultural connections.

Skate-Aid – Slum Freedom

In the Kitintale slums of Kampala, Uganda, Mubiru Jackson watched human beings take flight on TV in a way he had never seen before. These people were skateboarding and they evoked something in Mubiru. This moment inspired a lifelong dream of bringing skateboarding – and all it can teach us about life, resilience and commitment – to Ugandan communities.

Fire Brigade Union –
David Badillo’s Story

David Badillo was one of the first responders to the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017. This intimate portrait of David explores the life of a firefighter dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophic event and the human experience of a man touched by a tragedy that would affect the collective consciousness of a nation.

Slum Freedom (Full Film)

Pai E Filho: a film about the bond between father and son

Tusk Awards
Olivier Nsengimana for the Tusk Trust

London Met Uni

Tusk Awards
Rachel McRobb for the Tusk Trust

Great Big Story x Hewlett Packard
Sculpting a Future for E-Waste

Star Alliance x National Geographic
Connecting Cultures, Georgia

Star Alliance x National Geographic
Connecting Cultures, Thailand